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EMCA Tumble Classes


What are tumbling classes?


Tumbling classes are 60 minute sessions that teach the gymnastics elements of cheerleading and other acrobatic sports, from catrwheels and handstands to twisting flips. We are excited to launch our new tumbling class programme, open to both EMCA Allstar members and non-members. We have created a brand new completely custom system for our classes that makes it easy for athletes, parents and coaches to understand the elements if successful tumbling and monitor progress.

How does it work?


We have four different levels of tumbling classes - White, Green, Black and Medals. Within each class athletes will work to complete achievement sheets by showing mastery of different skills, drills and exercises. When an athlete completes a sheet they can move on to the next one, and once they complete all sheets in a colour they can move up to the next class and will even be able to buy an achievement award badge!


Speciality classes


We also offer some speciality classes, these may change periodically so please click the link above to see the current schedule offerings:



Little Flippers

This fun-packed class is designed for those a little too young or not quite ready for our competitive teams. Little flippers is for ages 3-6 years and includes basic tumbling as well as other cheer skills such as stunting, jumps and dance, all delivered in a fun, engaging way.


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