EMCA Tumble Classes


What is tumble class?

Tumble class is an additional session in which we solely focus on the gymnastics side of competitive cheerleading i.e. tumble. Tumble consists of 'standing' and 'running' skills - similar to those performed in gymnastic floor routines. All of our tumble classes are split by ability - therefore ensuring athletes progress safely through the levels by perfecting skills with confidence before moving on to new skills.

If you are in a National or International EMCA team then attendance at tumble class is expected and already included in your monthly fee subscription.


For Local team members you will have the option to join a waiting list for PAYG tumble the cost is £40 for a 6-week block booking (1hr per session) and will be allocated as and when places are available.

Can I attend tumble class if I am not an EMCA member?

At the moment we have a waiting list for our tumble classes these places become available if and when we have space to do so.


If you are able to gain a tumble class placement you must complete a Medical Liability form prior to attending class, without this you will not be permitted to join in the session. We require this every season, or if there is a change to personal or medical information.

Paying for tumble for non-members needs to be done as a block booking payment every half term (sessions are 1hr each and cost works out at £6 per session), progression through the levels is still followed.**

**If you are a gymnast or cheerleader with prior experience you will be asked to verify this prior to being given a suitable class allocation.